Exploree Smart way to Market Your Brand on Android Devices

Uniqueness & creativity is what makes advertising an interesting industry to work in. With the help of technology, we are not only creating the unique advertisement, but we are also innovating unique way to market or show advertisement about your product.

Eventually, the advertisement goal is to help you increase your sales & working on the same ideology, Xploree is hyper-context and intent precision advertising platform. I know that might sound like someone has dropped a bomb on you, so let me quickly explain what Xploree is & how it can help in growing your business or content marketing effort.

How Xploree can help you in mobile marketing:

I got to know about them when I was looking for a brand to connect on AdTech 2016. Their offering seemed unique & I believe if this is done right, this kind of advertising will help businesses to get more sale while keeping the users happy. Their advertising technology will help you as a brand to reach out untapped audience base across India & in the various languages. Even if you are based out of U.S. or any other countries & looking to advertise your offering in India, this solution could help you.

Here is how Xploree works:

When you are chatting with a user & plan for a movie tonight, you will instantly get an offer for the movie or theater around you. This is contextual, intent based & solve the major problem of finding discounts on mobile phones. Xploree keyboard can be downloaded from Android play store & they are also tied up with few mobile companies to be pre-embedded on the phones.

They have this video to explain their product which is not as cool as when you see the live demo of the product.

What are mobile moments?

This one is interesting to know as you would be hearing about this word a lot in coming years.

“A mobile moment is a point in time and space when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what he or she wants immediately, in context.”

Xploree is based on those mobile moments to show hyper-contextual information to the users in the form of content, coupons offers that make their experience happy & help them make a better decision. At the same time, if you end up targeting users based on location & right context, you can market your product/service the best way.

What I like about this Advertising innovation is: It’s not limited to product or E-commerce portals. Even a blogger or agencies can run content & branding campaign.

You can target Indigenous languages like Hindi, Tamil & many others Indic along with English.

Right now Xploree is available only on Android platforms & Windows mobile. Once they will launch for iOS (If they do), they can definitely use the passbook feature to make their mobile advertising service more robust.